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Heeking Cat is Ciaran Benson and Clarke J. Stone.

Overachieving generalists who love complex puzzles and delight in finding opportunities in the midst of complete chaos. From systems architecture and network infrastructure to desk top publishing and building props, resolving your big problems is our little passion.

Businessmen, authors, entrepreneurs, and artists, applying new technologies and exploring new industries is our idea of fun.

If you're a friend and have a fascinating problem in your hands, like a really tangled up piece of software or an impossible printing deadline, drop us a line and we'll sew up new superman outfits and be right there.

If you don't know us personally, we'd still love to hear what you're doing - especially if it's a challenging twisty maze full of passages, all alike. For more information email us your proposal and your budget.

PS - The Studio Project by Angela Hed is worth checking out.